SASSY Broadcast PR: Do’s and Don’ts

Sassy Create

Sassy Create

December 7, 2022

Giving the right first impression is important in everything we do. No matter how small or large the undertaking, it pays to get your broadcast ventures off on the right foot. Getting the best media time for you and your business is essential to its success and stability. Below are a few handy hints to get you started, helping you avoid the potholes that so many people encounter in the busy world of broadcast PR.

DO Consider the Visuals

B-Roll footage is the bread and butter for broadcast PR, whether to supplement an interview you’ve secured for a client, or to generally tell a visual story. Ensuring you provide quality B-Roll content, preferably sent in advance with specified embargo that is relevant to the story, is essential for a successful campaign. Where possible, especially when dealing with international broadcasters, consider additional production elements that will add value to the campaign visually – from satellite media tours to live show elements. After all, the quality of your output reflects the quality of your brand.

DO Be Flexible

Be flexible with requests that come from journalists – it shows that they are interested in your story, so meeting as many of their requirements as possible or finding the middle ground will help you secure the coverage you desire.

DO Be Precise

Ensure you provide the correct timings. When dealing with international media in particular, be aware of the difference in time zone between yourself and your contact. Keep a clear schedule with the correct interview and embargo times for the relevant time zones, and communicate those clearly with all parties involved. Keeping busy spokespeople or journalists waiting will set you off on the wrong foot.

DO Make Sure Your Pitch is Relevant

Do your research in advance and have a clear idea of what the reporter or broadcast programme’s beat is. Tailor your pitch to fit their interests, and be careful of using overly enthusiastic expressions; keep it factual, realistic, and credible.

DO Build Relationships with Media

When pitching stories to media outlets, it’s important to remember the human elements involved. Be sure to build relations with those in the media, and remember to show what you can offer their channels and outlets. The closer you become to people, the more contacts you will make, meaning the more stories you are likely to get in the future.

DON’T Ignore the News

In comparison to online media where multiple stories can run at the same time, breaking news always takes priority in broadcast coverage. Even when you’ve planned your story weeks in advance, attempting to pitch to news desks and producers during a breaking news story will leave you empty handed. You’re better off holding on to the announcement until things have calmed down, unless you’re ready to hear irritated responses down the phone. Similarly, keeping an eye on current news stories and pitching your story on the back of those can land you some great last-minute pieces of coverage.

DON’T Lose Track of Deadlines

Show respect for journalists’ work, and provide them with the information they need by the deadline that was set. If there is any chance of delay from your end, be sure to communicate this promptly and clearly. You risk losing their respect and having any future stories ignored.

DON’T Forget to Follow Up

Remember to follow up with a journalist after they’ve covered the story you’re working on to thank them for their time. It’s little details like this that help you build stronger relationships with the media.

DON’T Forget the Embargo

Always make the embargo very clear at the top of all pitch material. This will ensure that any embargoes aren’t forgotten or missed, making life much easier for you and the people that you are dealing with.

DON’T Lose Hope

Speaking with journalists in today’s world can be tricky, especially with working from home becoming an increasingly common practice. If at first, you don’t get through, don’t give up; keep persevering to find the right avenues, and your hard work is sure to pay off in the end.

The hints in this post are tips to help you in your future broadcast PR ventures and give you the boost you need to succeed in this increasingly competitive world. Be conscientious, curious, and confident, and the rewards will come to you.

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